Week 1 Interview with Coach Schroeder

We sat down with Coach Schroeder and asked him a few things about himself, as well as what to expect from the 2020 Spartans. It was great to get to know a little about him. The Spartans hit the road for the first half of the season, kicking off this Saturday night, taking on the Missouri Valley Pitbulls, at 7pm

Q: How has the team looked in the shortened camp you’ve had due to COVID messing things up?

A: We are still getting guys filing in after the COVID outbreak. We have to take it day by day and get ourselves to max man power on the practice fields.

Q: You’ve coached many levels. What do you like and dislike about the semi pro level?

A: I like the challenge of adult football. These guys have played high school and some college. I learn things from the guys and they learn from me. In this game if your not learning your not winning.

Q: This Saturday is the opening game. What’s a normal Gameday routine you do as a coach? Anything interesting? Any superstitions?

A: Well game weekend i like to golf on Friday night with my defensive coordinator and my offensive line coach. Game day routine? I don't think i have ever had one to be honest its an everyday routine. Im gonna have to find a new superstition i guess. I retired the old one last year, it quit working.

Q: What can we expect from the Spartans in 2020?

A: I believe as a complete coaching staff we have our eye on the big prize. However the covid outbreak we will have to go week by week.

Q: Last but not least. 4th and goal at the 2, championship on the line, are you calling a run or a pass?

A: 4th and goal with a championship on the line from the 2 yd line????? Run the damn football......we have the horses to put the ball in.

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